Carol Carter

08 August 2010


Oh how I am loving to paint!

The Italy show is coming down the pike. I am happy to say -- that most of the last pieces are going fairly smoothly.

I am encouraged by the fact that they have a good home.. and nice presentation at the end of my journey.

I am also excited about the fact that if they find home... they will enable me to travel back to the place and gather more information.

I long to take Evan -- and show him what a cool country it is ... as well as see Siena and the Chianti countryside.

Ahh... perhaps next summer.

I invite ALL my blog viewers to come to the exhibition this winter... and entertain the idea of collecting a piece.

Italy 119
21" h x 21" w
second state

Italy 89
21" h x 21" w
finished- but being tweaked.
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AK said...

Carol, The colors in both these paintings are just amazing. Awesome work.

platform beds said...

With that painting I can feel that I am in Italy. That painting brings back my memory when I was in Italy. I had a great experience in that country.

olivia said...

It will be a wonderful time Carol!
Do you expect a watercolor exhibition? Bises.

Carol Carter said...

olivia.. i am not having watercolor in the italy show.. only acrylics. the everglades show will be all watercolor though!! hugs.

Cool Home Theater Seating said...

The first painting reminds me of several villages that I visited when vacationing in Italy. Very nice work!