Carol Carter

25 May 2009

Tulips for Emily- Watercolor

Today is a day to remember those serving in the military who gave their all for our freedom.

Memorial Day -- a day of honor, gratitude, reflection.

My father was a career officer in the Air Force: Staff Judge Advocate-- rising to the rank of Full Colonel. He was asked to become General- but declined and chose retirement instead.

I grew up in the military -- so I have a profound respect and admiration for what the armed forces stand for.

My father was my hero: Colonel Samuel Filson Carter.


Tulips for Emily sold yesterday. It is a bitter sweet painting-- because of it's inception. The beautiful tulips are glorious... colorful and glowing in the sun.

I painted them as a tribute to my neighbor's daughter -- Emily -- who was tragically taken from us a year ago.

Thankfully -- the painting will end up with Emily's family as a tribute and honor for their daughter.

We will always remember Emily!

Tulips for Emily
30" h x 22 " w each panel
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Unknown said...

How like you, Carol, to pour your compassion into a painting... I am very happy for the family that this special tribute will remain with them to enjoy. You are the best!
Could you tell me a bit about the painting itself? I noticed that you said these were panels. Is the painting done on watercolor paper, and if so, what has the paper been mounted on to stand alone without framing?
Have a restful Memorial Day. :-)

cindi said...

what a wonderful memorial for a special happy that the poppies are going where they will be cherished!!!

Carol Carter said...

hi joanne. the painting is not on panels... i don't know why i call them panels... i guess.. they should be called multiples! but each is done on wc paper.. and will be framed separately -- floated on mat.. and hung next to one another. the segmented painting will then be a triptych.

sorry for the comfusion. if i get the chance.. i will photo the installation -- so you can see the final presentation.

happy memorial day! carol


thank you cindi for your comment. the starkloff's are really happy to get this piece. emily died about a year ago.. and the healing has been slow.. but they are doing fine. best!

Arti said...

A glowing tribute.Beautiful, fluid colors.Your art is so good!

Carol Carter said...

thank you arti... your encouragement means so much to me!cc

Unknown said...

I would love to see these pieces once they are installed! Thanks Carol.

Unknown said...

Beautiful paintings, and a beautiful tribute!