Carol Carter

19 December 2008

Yesterday's Muse

So, yesterday's progress can be measured in these two paintings. I worked on establishing nuances in the pattern of water.... as well as depth and focus to the right figure. I like the left figure-- and want to counter balance her with richness in the other figure. It will make the foreground figure more prominent.

the foreground in the lower right is also untended. the value needs to be adjusted and softness conveyed.

The figure below just received some slight attention. i will develop her as i spend additional time today working. [At least the value structure here is established.]

I also have a commission to work on -- which takes priority over all!


Still Holding On
40" h x 50" w

Looking Back
20" h x 24" w
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Leslie Rubio said...

I love the light effect and the water in this piece. It's really remarkable how you are able to capture this so well-simply stunning. I love the way you capture the feeling of water.

Your work is just amazing.

Merry Christmas,

Trevor Lingard said...

This is outstanding.
Your heart is here.

Carol Carter said...

hi leslie... thank you for your words about the water and your opinions about my work. i am thrilled that you like it! it's always wonderful to hear supportive comments.

i love the fact that fellow-artists are able to reach out and connect!

i hope your work is going well. i'm going to check out your blog now.

i hope you have the merriest of christmas's too.

hi trevor. yes.. you are quite right! my heart is here... most definitely. this is my heart-filled painting... my muse.. my soul. it comes through.. no?

have a wonderful christmas.. and enjoy all the holiday offers. happy painting to you too.