Carol Carter

24 December 2008

Watercolor in the Works

The watercolor of Corkscrew Swamp is gaining some momentum.... It was a rainy day in the studio yesterday -- perfect for laying down large washes. My friend- Ray Marklin hung some lights that made my work area brighter -- and therefore easier to work.

I am really enjoying watching this piece develop. I have high hopes!

Stay tuned for more progress photos.

Corkscrew Swamp
25" h x 60" w
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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, the colors you use always make me feel like I could just dive right into them and swim around, enjoying the play of dark and light, warm and cool. Merry Christmas, wonderful lady, wonderful artist!

Carol Carter said...

merry christmas to you dear rhonda! wonderful to have met you ...and seen your work -- and gotten to know you! have a blessed day! xo