Carol Carter

06 December 2008

Show Opening!

Here's a small overview of the people that came to the opening. I was particularly touched by my friends that came from great distance to be there....

Nick Simmons [yay- we finally got to meet!]
Jane Andre Gillette with Jan Moller [from Alexandria, VA - two great painters...]
Jeff and Jana Moller [classmate from Principia College]
Debbie Nichols
and my beloved brother- Sam Carter

The evening went smoothly -- it was really great to meet the other artists - most of which were from out-of-town too.

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Sandy Maudlin said...

It sure looks like a positively wonderful show. Wish i could have been there but so apprecaite being able to see the festivity on your blog. Hoping for many, many sales for you.

Nick said...

Yay, we finally got to meet!