Carol Carter

20 December 2008

awww.... what i do to make money....

so..... you thought that my art was all fun and no work... right? well.. not SO!

occasionally i have to do commissions, portraits... and that's what i've been working on the last few days.

i had a request to finish a watercolor of a man with his dog... before christmas!

OMG.... anyway, i am always game... and tried my best to take his photo and make a likeness of him and his puppy. it wasn't an easy photo to work with.. .the pose and hood...made a challenge -- but... er.... what the heck!

so... here it is.

14" h x 11" w
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Suzanne McDermott said...

It's good! He'll love it! Nothing wrong with making money through painting... It always feels different, though, commissions. I always get all worked up about them. I just received a commission to paint two cats (and one is all black). Well, ok, I thought. I'm game. I'll put it towards my property taxes.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Carol
Commissions are not my thing, especially portraits. You obviously are a talented lady who likes the challenge. If it helps to pay your bills then ok. Is this what you really want to paint though, I sence not?
Please forgive my outright comment.

Carol Carter said...

hi suzanne... yes... commissions are different. it always feels different to paint something someone else wants!.. but... i am in the "business" of art... and that requires me to do things to make cash [at times]. i am happy to paint specific paintings for people -- the more interesting the subject.. the better my enthusiasum. good luck with your commission! happy holidays too.

hi Trevor,
commissions are important ... but not something i like to do all the time. i don't mind them.. because they fulfill a need -- both with client and my wallet. i had a year where i did nothing but commissions.. and it wasn't fulfilling as an artist. but.. i also have a monentary need to keep my studio running... an occasional commission is a wonderful way to generate income.
thanks for your comments... always welcomed here! i hope you have a wonderful holiday too.

RH Carpenter said...

Carol, this is wonderful! I can't imagine the recipient will be displeased - it has a fun, light, and energetic look to it. You put your special touch on it even if it's not your subject - you paint some gorgeous portraits so why not make a little extra with portrait commissions? Good job!

Carol Carter said...

merry christmas rhonda. i present the painting today to the client. i'm sure he'll like it. i love doing commissioned portraits. it's very calming.
i hope your holiday is warm and blessed. keep painting.. and best wishes for a peaceful new year.
xo carol

Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it! I always think of Rembrandt who painted all those folks in black clothing with starched white collars to make a living...