Carol Carter

11 December 2008

two in the works- acrylic painting

here is a sample of some of today's work in the studio-- it's important to keep in mind that the first painting is very preliminary. i have been interested in painting swamps ... and this is my first attempt. after a visit to the Corkscrew Sanctuary in Naples -- i came up with this view of reflections.

the second one is the battle i've been waging with these bathers. i feel the painting getting closer to being resolved. i took some big risks with it and with some detail work in the upper right hand corner -- it should be finished. or.. at least i hope so!

Corkscrew Sanctuary
25" H x 50 " W

Still Holding On
40" h X 50" W
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love this painting... have enjoyed your notes on its progress over the past couple of weeks. I thought what you had to say about the revision process might be a metaphor for the relationship that inspired this painting ("Still Holding On"), but then I read in another blog comment that someone else had suggested the name for this one, so maybe that was coincidental. Anyway, I enjoy your work very much and always like to see what's new.

Carol Carter said...

thanks margie. i am liking this painting too. i've worked real hard on it.. and my friend rhonda, gave it a suitable title. it stuck!

since then, i've worked hard to show the 'attachment' between two people.. rather than the dissonance.

thanks again for checking the blog. i enjoy hearing/seeing you on FACEBOOK too.

happy holidays!