Carol Carter

12 December 2008

Limited Edition Giclee

Half Empty/Half Full
limited edition giclee on Arches 100% rag paper
15" H x 22" W image size
22" H x 30" W paper size

please see my home page on website for more details!

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Suzanne McDermott said...

This is quite stunning. A great choice for a print. Not to denigrate your elevated piece but, personally, it reminds me of my 15th summer when I lived on lime green koolaid at camp in an attempt to lose weight. Teenagers!

Carol Carter said...

i love your recollection of koolaid! this is so darn funny! thanks for sharing...
you should hear some of the things i tried to do to lose weight -- like wear leg-weights everywhere.. boy, what a fashion statement~ huh?

Trevor Lingard said...

Gosh Carol
Quite magical.