Carol Carter

06 December 2008

Opening!- American Contemporary Gallery

Here is the installation of most of my work. John Bodkin did a great job of featuring each artist with enough wall space. I met all the artists and really enjoyed the work and scope of the show. The catalogue was beautiful--

There was a great turnout and everyone had a good time.

American Contemporary Gallery
Annapolis, MD
December 5- December 30, 2008
Show Installation

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eLIZabeth Floyd said...

This show looks wonderful, I am hoping to make a trip to Baltimore while it is going on to see it! Good luck with sales. Liz

Leslie Rubio said...

Wow, the show is gorgeous-you should be so proud! Wish I could have been there. The multi-colored figure coming up out of the water is stunning-I can feel the water flowing down through her hands.

Your watercolors are so beautiful.


Carol Carter said...

hi liz-- if you make it to the show... i want to hear how you like the work! your so priveleged to live on the east coast... i am envious of you! happy painting... carol

hi leslie.... thanks so much for your compliments of my work. i am glad you enjoy them. also... i am about to offer a book of the swimmers.. you may be interested in. i'll let you know on the blog when i launch it! best.. carol