Carol Carter

17 December 2008

Two Still in the Works-- acrylic

so.. .i'm still working on these paintings. it's been slow -- as the weather is cold and makes me want to hole up inside and NOT paint!

but... i managed to make a few decisions -- despite my reluctance.

i have loads more work to do ... but i feel that the swimmer one has a real chance to move now. i took some risks by changing the water.. and now i have to bring out the highlights and richness.

the upper swamp painting... needs to be set aside at this point -- so that i can gain a perspective. i'm too attached to what i've already done... and that's never good! i may even totally rework the water... so that it has a different cooler palette. but.. all in good time!

check in again later.. and you'll see progress.

Corkscrew Swamp
25" h x 50" w

Looking Inside/Looking Outside
40" h x 50" w
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Trevor Lingard said...

Hello Carol
Thank you for posting these pieces.
It is fasinating to see how you work through your paintings.
How do you get these ideas and were do you get your insperation from.
These pieces are going to be very interesting to follow.
Best Regards

RHCarpenter said...

I enjoy reading your thoughts and how you step away from a painting because you are too attached to what you've done - we all need to learn this lesson. Both paintings look interesting and I'm sure will blossom soon admidst the snow and ice.

Carol Carter said...

hi trevor,

thank you for paying attention to the way i work in the studio. i try to share the thought process behind the development of the pieces. i hope it's clear! sometimes i fear that my comments are jumbled.

to answer your question -- how do i get these ideas? well... the Swamp painting comes from a recent visit to a swamp in FLorida... a place that i love ... because i grew up there [in Florida, not a swamp!]. i've had a fascination for natural Florida landscape since i was a child.

and the Swimmer painting is from an ongoing series of human activity in the landscape of water. this series is over 20 years old.. and i keep building on it. i use the swimmer and water to describe different moods, states of thoughts, events in my life... all in a visual description of what's important to me.

thank you for your comments!
happy holidays.

always wonderful to hear from you!
i am trying to convey in my blog... the challenges as well as the victories in the studio. when i get stuck, or frustrated, or too attached to something.. [once i recognize it].. i will share.
i think it's important to see that all the effort you put into studio-time.. is worth the struggle!

i don't want to share "just" the finished results... but the journey of how i got there!

best.. and big hug.. and happy holidays to you too.

milindmulick said...

Very interesting work !Nice to find your blog.

Carol Carter said...

millind, so nice to hear from you! thanks for your comments here.. and wonderful to be connected on FACEBOOK. let's keep in touch.. and watch all the work in the studio!
happy holidays!