Carol Carter

05 February 2009

Titusville, FLORIDA

first stop-- TITUSVILLE FLORIDA. i met some new friends through the web-- Dawna and Ron .... who are the most fabulous people! we ate at this awesome restaurant -- DIXIE CROSSROADS last night. the food there.. rock shrimp was amazing!

i feel so privileged and blessed to have run into them.

today.. i teach Dawna a little about my acrylic technique.
then, this afternoon -- we are going to see the Merritt Island Nature Preserve for photography.
The Cape Kennedy Launch Site is also located nearby... and I'm hoping to see a wee bit of that too. I may come back for the shuttle launch next week... as they are discontinuing the program! yikes.. have never seen a rocket take off before.

This evening.. Ron is taking me on his Ultra-lite.... Whoa.... can't wait!

so... wonderful day ahead!
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carol said...

Lucky Dawna - wish you would come to England. Enjoy the balmy south. I am a happy bunny - my Carol Carter book has just arrived.

Carol Carter said...

i will be there!!! let's plan a trip.. would LOVE to see england... enjoy your book... and THANKS for well wishes... hugs.carol

Private said...

I like your blog. I'll be checking back often. Can learn a lot from you.