Carol Carter

03 February 2009

Still Waters -- watercolor

This painting is really gathering it's own energy and presence. I am almost done with it ... and what started out as TWO watercolors... spontaneously became infinitely better by becoming a DIPTYCH. i was working on both pieces simultaneously -- and had them next to each other on my work easel. suddenly -- the differing perspectives of virtually the same pond... became eerily suggestive.. and captivating. i LIKED it better together.. than separately. that's how they hang.

now.. i have to finish the top leaf -- minor adjustments.. and viola! it's done.

when you stand in front of it.. the size, the perspective, and the way that it's arranged on the wall-- makes you feel dizzy! very cool....

Still Waters
45" h x 65" w
2009 unfinished
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Adam Cope said...

very cool bien entendu...

whooper size as well.

part of it's curiousity for me is that there isn't any green reflected in the second painting below... which is eery, as you say, no reflection but suggestions of reflections.

Carol Carter said...


very interesting switch of perspective. all in all.. it's a disorienting piece to look at.


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

This is so beautiful Carol and the light in the blues is stunning. Combined makes such a size that the impact must be wonderful. Lovely title - so perfect for it.