Carol Carter

09 January 2013

Sequence of Portrait Commission

 I have begun a portrait commission for a couple in Minnesota.  I thought I'd share the journey of how I paint portraits here.

Each stage is allowed to dry before the next stage is begun.

I will add the next stages tomorrow-- and share with you how I complete it!

Portrait Commission
15" h x 22" w
2013 unfinished


SARABEL said...

!tiene muy buena pinta!

un saludo

Vandy said...

Looking forward to part 2. Thank you for sharing this, Carol.

Carol Carter said...

MORE to come!!! thank you for coming to the blog. Commission will be finished today.

Arti said...

Wow they looks great, thanks for sharing the process, Carol.Looking forward to completed painting!

Unknown said...

Va muy bien...seguro que te queda genial!

Un saludo.