Carol Carter

16 January 2013

Finishing a portrait watercolor that I began months ago.  I never felt that it had the depth and mystery I was trying to capture.

So, I "messed it up" but adding dynamic washes to both the glass fields and forehead.  This is an artistic gamble-- because you never know how the paint with move and dry.

But...  I wasn't happy with the previous painting-- so what was there to lose?

I am enjoying it now-- and developing the reflections and hairstrands.  The middle bar between the glasses needs to be taken down a notch in value.

It's finally coming together for me with mystery, brilliance of color, wash freedom, and technique.

This photo only captures the painting before the last step.  Come back tomorrow for final stage.

Fast Lane
22" h x 30" w
in progress


Catharina Engberg said...

I am sure this one will be great when finished!
I have a question; what technique do you use when making the white arias in the hair?

Carol Carter said...

use a mask -- makes it simple.