Carol Carter

06 January 2013

Get a Load of these Intruders!


More and more bugs!!  in fact.. the series is almost complete!  I should have it wrapped up tomorrow.

The last 20 has proved to be the most fulfilling and clever.  There was a need to make them the best!

Here is a sample.

I will be working on the children's book next week.  Should be fun.

The show is coming together---  frames, venues, tees, collection.

All in all.. it will be a blast!!

Y'all come!!

Stay tuned for details... unfolding here.

Don't miss it!


Studio at the Farm said...

OMG!!! They are in NEON 3-D!!!!!

Micros said...

Looking gooooood!

I think one of these, stung the living daylights out of me in the jungle once.

Have a great show.


Carol Carter said...

NEON!! yes.!!!

Sorry one bit you... but there are saavy!