Carol Carter

22 January 2013

Glorious France!

Marching on and painting France.  It would be faster and more enjoyable-- if the weather were cooperating!

There is an Arctic Blast here.....  which is hard to deal with.  But... it doesn't allow my washes to dry the way I like.

But, I did manage to make some progress today on FIELD.....  

Hopefully  -- more will be accomplished this week.

Additionally-  I am making some progress on the Insect Book!

Fields of Hay
7'5" h x 11" w
in progress


SARABEL said...

Me ha gustado mucho tu campo.......tus amarillos son luminosos y preciosos...

por cierto, que marca utilizas de acuarelas....

un saludo

Sergio DS said...

Excelente, y muy bien contrastada la dominante amarilla con el profundo azul.

Unknown said...

Que colorido!!

Me gusta mucho!

Un saludo.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you ALL!!! I love that you are enjoying the French paintings.