Carol Carter

11 January 2013

Oxygen revisited

I worked additionally on the OXYGEN watercolor to bring some resolution to the depth and distance in the reflection.  I got rid of a lot of saved white... and added color and value to areas throughout the background.

I am doing this to enhance to foreground.... allowing the figure to emerge front and center-- and the background to recede in a kaleidoscope of color and activity.

There is one more day of consideration of the piece before I call it finished!

Come back to see the end result.

22" h x 30" w


SARABEL said...

Esta muy bien el tu acuarela....

Es precioso...........un saludo

Carol Carter said...

Thank you so much!!!

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, your paintings completely fascinate me!!! I sat mesmerized, looking at Oxygen. And I thank you for posting the progression of your portrait commission.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you Kathryn... it's always wonderful to hear from you... your enthusiasum and warmth! carol