Carol Carter

04 January 2013

Not for the timid-- BUGS!!!


More and more BUGS!!!

I am nearly done-- in fact.. I'm MORE than done.

I have the 100 insects painted.

The exhibtion date chosen.

The framing agreed upon.

The book being worked on.

The TEES being designed.

The promo started.

The SMALL INTRUDERS show will happen this April.  Stay tuned for more details as they become known.

All invited!


Lady Fishbone said...

wow congrats ma'am! i really love ur bugs :)

RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Carol! What an accomplishment and I can't wait to hear more as the show and book progresses - and tee shirts??? WOW! You are racing into 2013! That first blue one = LOVE IT!!!

Lynn said...

That's awesome Carol, love the fly!

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I'm staying tuned. Love the little intruders!

Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, they are glorious!!! What a brilliant idea for a series! said...

Your work is absolutely stunning! I hope I can achieve your level one day.

Carol Carter said...

Thank you ALL for this lovely support! I enjoy knowing that you are there..and interested. I plan to host a show of this work soon.... and a book as well.
Follow me though this journey!

Unknown said...