Carol Carter

20 November 2010

Italy Almost Done- Thank Gawd

Italy is almost done.

I am trying to finish two final paintings -- and reworking/tweaking a couple more.

The show is done!

Pretty much.

I am happy with the way it's turned out ... and now I'm turning my attention towards marketing/publicizing the exhibition.

I am having art cards printed-- of 3 paintings. You can pre-order a box from me. They are on 100% rag paper with deckle edge- complete box 6 cards, 3 images, one gift card, tranparent box, with a bow for $15.00

Perfect for the holidays~!

Each painting has been a journey for me.

I am spelling out some of that journey by also having a book available. This book will mostly be plates of paintings from the exhibition -- along with a Foreward from the Curator of Visual Art- Rusty Freeman.

I don't know how much the book will be. It's still in infancy.

Italy 173-177
6' H x 18" w
24" h x 24" w
6" h x 18" w
30" h x 30" w
some finished
some still in the works

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RH Carpenter said...

Carol, what a great thing to look forward to in 2011! Jerry and I visited Cedarhurst on Wednesday to see the St. Louis artists' show = it was gorgeous!! Your paintings of the swimmers lit up the room, but each work in the show was lovely - the wooded grounds and sculptures were an added perk since it was a warm day for a nice walk around. Although it was a 4 hour drive, it was an easy drive over.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

The scope of your Italy project at its completion must be something like birthing a baby! It is a fabulous body of work. Congratulations on being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeanette Jobson said...

I love the warmth in the sunflowers painting. Just beautiful.

Finishing the Italian project is likely relief and regret in varying degrees with last minute craziness thrown in. :)

And sign me up for a box of your cards. Where can I purchase them?

smartee said...


Carol Carter said...

rhonda-- so happy you made it to cedarhurst. it is a lovely place. i thought the show was excellent too. i hope hope HOPE you make it over for italy.

elizabeth... thank you for the congratulations. it has been a long-haul with this show. now that it's winding down.. i can see through to another body of work!

jeanette-- i sent you info on cards to your email.

smartee... thank you for posting!