Carol Carter

30 September 2010

Italy show

The week is accomplishing the last of the 'little ones' for the Italian exhibition.

I am having a good time --- thinking about imagery that will broaden the scope of the show.

I showed the work yesterday the friend that I went to Italy with. It was so fun to watch her reaction to the work.

She like many pieces...and had an emotional attachment to the complete exhibition.

I am getting excited to finish the show.

Still waiting for two large panels to arrive--- that will basically complete the statement.

I will have a total of about 70 pieces to choose from. That sounds like a lot-- but there are many small ones that will make multiple statements. It should be an interesting show to hang!

Italy 148, 149, 150
10" h x 10" w
top one finished
bottom two day 1

Italy work
all bundled up and ready to go!

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

What an amazing body of work. Its been an incredible project for us all to follow along and I congratulate you on your creative talent and quantity of inspiration. Hope when Anita and I get back from Italy next Spring, I can consider doing - say - half a dozen paintings from my sketches at the very least. I might even consider going back to the gallery that gave me a floral solo show this June to see if they would want to hang my Italian tour work. There's always hope. Now yours is all packed up ready to go, I wish you every success.

Carol Carter said...

oh you must do a show on your time in italy!! and then... get the gallery to show it. it would be a marvelous capstone to your journey!

italy is a universal image to want to paint... and everyone loves to view the works.

let me know when you go.. and how you like it!