Carol Carter

27 September 2010

italy italy italy......

So there are a few more little ones to paint. I'm trying to make record that when the larger panels arrive--- I will have ample time to finish them.

I've show the exhibition a few times this past week -- it seems like most like the work.

The telling time will come though... when the work is delivered to Cedarhurst.


The top panel is of the murals on the inside of the dome at the Duomo. There is a curved and bird's eye perspective to the drawing. The murals remind me of Michelangelo... and I'm not sure who the actual artist is. [will have to look that up!]

The next panel is of a dinner table in the evening. We had a beautiful dinner party on the outskirts of Lucca during one summer evening. The whole dinner was magical. I just slightly ghosted in the painting... there is much more to do!

Italy 145
10" h x 10" w

Italy 146
10" h x 10"w

Italy installation
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Gabe said...

a great combination of space and volume that catches the eye. compliments

olivia said...

Dear Carol,
You work so much !! Great paintings.
( hope your letter is not lost? no mailman from US for the moment...).



Unknown said...

You are amazing and so inspiring! Makes me want to go back to Italy!
Can't wait for you to start painting the Everglades again :)

Carol Carter said...

thank you gabe.... so nice to know that you like the paintings!

olivia...i sent the letter weeks ago! please send me address again... and i'll resend... caio!

natividad.... always wonderful to know that you are checking the blog and posting comment... have a super day!

dawna.... you should go back to italy! i am almost done w/ the show.. and will be starting everglades soon. i am ready!

RH Carpenter said...

The combination of the hot and warm paintings mixed with those cooler ones is going to be so striking!

Carol Carter said...

thank you rhonda... i am getting real pleased with the show. the whole exhibition hangs together... and the imagery and palette blend harmoniously. wish you could see them!