Carol Carter

15 September 2010

watercolor portrait

more work today on Evan's portrait. i didn't make as much progress on it as i wanted to.

guess... the time got away from me.

there is another good days work here... but.. I'm looking forward to finishing it and adding it to the series.

Evan 24
40" h x 30" w
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Susan Roux said...

You're getting close! Its progressing nicely. I know what you mean about working all day and there's still lots left to do. Most of my works fall into that category.

Carol Carter said...

hi susan... yes.. it's time consuming to finish a painting. my work seems to progress rapidly in the beginning...and then more slowly from the middle to the end.

Juan Valdivia said...

¡Qué maravilla...!

Carol Carter said...

thank you juan! where are you from?

Juan Valdivia said...

Gracias a ti, Carol, por mantener vivo este blog y hacernos partícipes de tu excelente trabajo.
Respondiendo a tu pregunta te diré que soy español y que vivo en una ciudad de Andalucía que se llama Úbeda, donde tienes tu casa si algún día vienes por aquí.
Un cordial saludo

Carol Carter said...

i am going to get someone to translate your post for me juan... so that i can respond in kind!! gracias for writing!