Carol Carter

18 September 2010

THe Show continues

The work in the studio has slowed a bit.... I am pulled in too many directions!

Yikes!!! with teaching... preparing for show... trying to work on book...etc etc...

There didn't seem to be much focus the past week.

The top digital is a painting from yesterday. It's a little new stand in Florence... lit up at night like a firefly.

I will let it sit for a while.. until I know where I want to take it.

I presented my Italian Series to a few friends/clients the other night-- it was a great time to get out the exhibition and see the total effort.

This allowed the opportunity to see where I need to direct my efforts in finishing up the show.

I found a lot of holes in imagery--- more painting!

I tried one Italian landscape in a heavy gold frame... looks good to me!

The last digital is of a trio of paintings that harmonize together.

I think many of the pieces are inter mixable.... they all seem to "hang" together. When you juxtapose them... they bring out many different sentences.


Italy 136
12" h x 12" w

Italy 10
16" h x 20" w

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Nancy Goldman said...

I love the sketchiness of your newest painting. It has a wonderful sense of energy.

Carol Carter said...

thanks nancy.. i wanted it to be fresher and more spontaneous then some of the more polished work... wish i could keep them ALL fresh!