Carol Carter

10 June 2010

Big IRIS watercolor

I had the chance yesterday and today to rework an older painting. I like doing this the best -- because I am absolutely FEARLESS when it comes to making decisions.

I have absolutely NO attachment to the painting.

All I care about... is resolving the surface in the best way possible.

Reworking an older painting is almost FREEING --- because it doesn't matter if you ruin it or not!

So.. your decisions tend to be more insightful AND more appropriate.

I added an overall glaze of Winsor/Newton Prussian Blue and Aureolin with Cadmium Lemon to soften the painting.

I spent all day today -- reworking the fine edges-- softening, turning, making them merge and blend.

Overall... I am very pleased. It seems like a more mature and handsome painting than before. It has depth, prominence, and scale.

I like it -- but mostly because of what I learned !

Big Iris
40" h x 50" w
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RH Carpenter said...

Wow, it's almost electric!

Carol Carter said...

i agree!! it feels electric!

Unknown said...

Your fearless approach to resolving this painting paid off! It's stunningly beautiful.

Carol Carter said...

thank you kathy. i think everyone should "ruin" an older piece--- to learn how to be brave~

Nancy Goldman said...

I love it. I would really like to see what it was like before you re-worked it also.

Unknown said...

great blog! the photos you've posted of the wildlife affected by the oil spill are very eyeopening! thanks for posting them!

Carol Carter said...

nancy,, i posted the painting image of what it looked like before i reworked it.

shagufta -- taking those pics of wildlife was difficult... but i think it's a story that must be told! hopefully i will go back to the region to document more.