Carol Carter

10 June 2010

Big IRIS watercolor

I had the chance yesterday and today to rework an older painting. I like doing this the best -- because I am absolutely FEARLESS when it comes to making decisions.

I have absolutely NO attachment to the painting.

All I care about... is resolving the surface in the best way possible.

Reworking an older painting is almost FREEING --- because it doesn't matter if you ruin it or not!

So.. your decisions tend to be more insightful AND more appropriate.

I added an overall glaze of Winsor/Newton Prussian Blue and Aureolin with Cadmium Lemon to soften the painting.

I spent all day today -- reworking the fine edges-- softening, turning, making them merge and blend.

Overall... I am very pleased. It seems like a more mature and handsome painting than before. It has depth, prominence, and scale.

I like it -- but mostly because of what I learned !

Big Iris
40" h x 50" w
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RHCarpenter said...

Wow, it's almost electric!

Carol Carter said...

i agree!! it feels electric!

Kathy said...

Your fearless approach to resolving this painting paid off! It's stunningly beautiful.

Carol Carter said...

thank you kathy. i think everyone should "ruin" an older piece--- to learn how to be brave~

Nancy Goldman said...

I love it. I would really like to see what it was like before you re-worked it also.

Shagufta Mehdi said...

great blog! the photos you've posted of the wildlife affected by the oil spill are very eyeopening! thanks for posting them!

Carol Carter said...

nancy,, i posted the painting image of what it looked like before i reworked it.

shagufta -- taking those pics of wildlife was difficult... but i think it's a story that must be told! hopefully i will go back to the region to document more.