Carol Carter

04 April 2010


special week this past week.... a lot going on in my family life.. so there was little time to spend in the studio. however, i did get some strokes in on the bike painting.
i began to deepen and cross-hatch the painting strokes. i want to develop the texture and color.

i plan to add veils of rich varnish and spray--- to make the painting glow with night light.

it will hang next to the tree/landscape painting of the same size.

post soon!

italy 57
20" h x 20" w
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Unknown said...

Oooooo.... this is beautiful!! Love the palette, color design, and brushwork.

Tonya Vollertsen said...

This is gorgeous Carol! I'm intrigued by your process and the interesting texture effect you're creating. Is this on canvas?

Carol Carter said...

thank you kathy... i spent some time on your blog.. and love your egg series! in fact, i shared them with my watercolor classes a few weeks back. gorgeous work!

hey tonya, this is an acrylic on claybord by ampersand. it's a 2" cradle -- which is stiff. the texture is created by drips and flecks of paint.
thank you for liking it! it's almost done. :-))