Carol Carter

17 April 2010

ITALY - acrylic!

I finished two more paintings yesterday--- and added them to the sequence of 10" x 10" paintings.
The installation photo gives an idea of scale.

The smaller format develops quickly -- and has a freer look than the larger pieces.

I will give more time next week to the last 20" x 20" paintings.

I feel as though the show is almost done. We shall see. Every time I think I've concluded -- I find another image from Italy that I want to paint!

But... I suspect when I get to the Everglades-- there will be new things to paint that compel me in a different direction.



Italy 68, 69, 70
10" h x 10" w
all finished except tweaking

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fheathermoore said...

These look fabulous Carol, and they are so vibrant when you see them in sequence, rather than individually. I think they balance each other out very well. Beautiful work!

Carol Carter said...

thank you heather. i am happy about the development of the work -- and look forward to showing. there's only a few more left to paint.. and then... try to find a venue. would love to get back to italy to get more info. right now..the show will be called--
"Five Days in Italy". hope your painting is going well!

fheathermoore said...

Painting has slowed over the past week or so. I was trying to get everything finished for my course. I had my final assessment today, and I'm now waiting on word from art school to find out if I've been accepted or not, so it's all go here!

Good luck with finding a venue. I love the title of the series - I think it's very fitting, and captures the essence of your work. You're so lucky to get the chance to go to Italy! I envy you. Good luck with it - I'm sure you'll wow them all!

Carol Carter said...

i hope you get into the school you want. i hope they find your work powerful!
i will find a venue. .. it's only a matter of time.
i am still enjoying the work -- and looking forward to my next series on the everglades. good luck with your entrance to school.. and future work!