Carol Carter

21 April 2010

Italy small ones

Italy continues .... I worked on these two paintings... and feel that progress was made on one..and break through was made on another.

The painting below will be completed on Friday-- after I work some more on the background and wall.

The upper umbrella painting is mostly finished -- except for some tweaking and fine tuning.

I like the palette of both-- and they really do bring a different blend to the Italian show.

I have only one more 10" h x 10" w painting to do, and then on to a couple of larger panels.

Italy 79,80
10" h x 10" w
com'n girl, get 'em done
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Elizabeth Seaver said...

Yep, the palette is gorgeous and the work is full of energy and joy. Love your style, Carol!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Love these free, contemporary 10-x10's. So rich and energetic. What a show this is going to be!! They will fly out the doors.

Carol Carter said...

thank you both! i love these two paintings too. they are too worked.. and see freer/looser than the others. maybe it's a good thing to paint smaller- and briefer! hope you both are painting well...