Carol Carter

27 April 2010

Final Versions

Here are the final versions of the last two paintings from Italy that I completed this week.

They are fine and ready to go. I like them ... although I struggled a bit too much on the umbrella.

The street scene came rather effortlessly... but that's a rarity in the studio.


Italy 50, 51
10" h x 10" w
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Anonymous said...

definitely makes me want to see Italy. They are really beautiful.

Sandy Maudlin said...

LOVE the top one! I know your show will be awesome.

Carol Carter said...

wow... thanks !!!

i want to see italy again soon too.

sandy, thanks for the vote! i hope the show turns out. i love what it is so far... looking forward to the conclusion.
have you been back to italy yet?

marty said...

your paintings are so beautiful !
great work ! j'aime beaucoup !

Carol Carter said...

thank you marty!! lovely to read...