Carol Carter

09 April 2010

Italy- acrylic- Rounding the Corner of Completion

One small painting was begun today. A sleeping dog... in a Florence alley. I will work on it Monday- to finish.

I spent most of the day -- working on the bicycle painting. I developed a lot of the nuance -- the wall in particular.

I have high hopes for the sleeping dog-- and the palm tree in the cemetery painting I just begun.

Italy 58
10" x 10"

Italy 59
20" x 20" w
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Lorna said...

I like the bike painting. Each time I look at it I see/feel something different.

Carol Carter said...

thank you lorna! i appreciate knowing that you like the bike painting. i am thrilled!

Anonymous said...

I second what Lorna said. Probably my favorite out of this series. Very well done!

Carol Carter said...

thank you frank! i am happy w/ bike painting.. and there's a few more to follow. i am painting 6 more this week... while waiting for the last round of panels to arrive from cheap joes. best.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Really lovely! love the colors!

Carol Carter said...

thank you sharmon! colors are inspired by Tuscany