Carol Carter

19 April 2010

Italy again

Am trying my best to finish the last of the paintings before leaving next week to go to FLA.

I started the top piece.. and worked more on the bottom piece.

Neither is done-- but there is progress!

That's all I ask for.

In between, I finished two watercolors-- photographed them, framed one, matted, packaged two for shipping.

So.. there's always TOO much to do in the studio!

But, i am hopeful about these Italy paintings.. and ask you to come back again to see them finished.

Italy 78, 79
acrylic 10" h x 10" w
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Stef Fi said...

A nice rich colouring - I would like to be there now!!! Thanks & a nice day !!!!!!!!!!

RH Carpenter said...

Again, that vibration of color you get just gets me!!! Great stuff - you ARE busy, but happy, I hope!

Carol Carter said...

thank you both! i am happy that you are enjoying the new paintings. they will be finished soon --- and i will post. color is the key. i am charging up the palette! best....

ZenPeace said...

LUV the Italy paintings. I still need to come to your studio sometime... ~Lisa

Carol Carter said...

lisa! come by anytime... Italy paintings are here... more watercolors too. i am gone the whole month of May though. best!