Carol Carter

17 March 2010


LA PALABRA-- a collaborative exhibit created by Rene-Michel Trapaga -- who enlisted the help of 13 artist to narrate and illustrate this fictional town.
I was one of the artists chosen-- along with Mary Sprague, Elisa Forgleman, Patrick Shook, Nell Ruby, Bill Vann, John Nagel, Lisa Willis Fister, Chuck Groth, Mary Eigel, Amy Fister, Renee Petty, and Rosemary Nagel.
Together we have created a 28 limited edition print series.
Plus a book.
The proceeds from the sale of the prints and books goes to
Opening Friday MARCH 19th, Maryville Univerisity, Morton May Gallery
6-9 pm
Artists will be present.
Refreshments will be served.
Come and support a good cause!


fheathermoore said...

Wow, what an incredible opportunity! Congratulations on being chosen Carol, and I hope you sell lots!

Carol Carter said...

hi heather.. i hope we sell lots too! we decided this show WAY before the earthquake in Haiti... but that tragedy is paramount in our thoughts with Doctors w/o Borders.... best!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How do you find the time??? Best wishes for lots of sales to support such a good cause.