Carol Carter

15 November 2009

Florida Corkscrew Sanctuary REEDS watercolor

This large watercolor-- REEDS from the FLORIDA CORKSCREW NATURE PRESERVE was placed in a beautiful art collection in Kentucky today. I had the privilege of driving the painting there.. and meeting with the collectors. They live in a beautiful part of Kentucky -- complete with horse farms, rolling hills, bluegrass, and stunning skies. Wow... what a weekend!

36" h x 66" w

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How great to see your wonderful work in its last resting place - and it looks really happy with these country folks.

RH Carpenter said...

Now, Carol, you should have given me a call and we could have met for coffee and a chat!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks joan.... these people are really happy where they live.. and their home is gorgeous.

rhonda.. were you close? i had NO idea? i just drove like a bullet...w/o thinking about much else.. where are you?

RH Carpenter said...

I'm just across the Ohio River, south of Cincinnati. You may have been in the Lexington area?

Carol Carter said...

sorry i couldn't get to you rhonda... it was a very brief weekend! yes.. i was in lexington.. but i know i'll be back there soon.. and look you up. cheers.