Carol Carter

23 November 2009

More and more Italy

the work on the LITTLE ITALY show is taking form now.. gathering momentum.. and making itself known.

i am trying to paint as much as i can -- during my free time this month.
i am trying new subjects.. and trying to even out the imagery. not all landscapes.. as before.. a lot more figures and architecture.

it's fun.. and i'm enjoying the ride!

Italy 20
12" h x 12" w

Italy 21
12" h x 12" w
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Sandy Maudlin said...


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

The top one looks intriguing and the canal scene simply glows. What a wonderful exhibition this is going to be... something you can be so proud of.

Carol Carter said...

thank you both! sandy and joan. i'm getting a bit jazzed about the work... seeing all the pieces together is like a small panorama of italy. people stop by the studio and ask about the work.. which is always a good sign. stay turned for more updates.

Cynthia said...

Your work is stunning!!! Such glowing color,,,,absolutely wonderful !!!!!