Carol Carter

08 November 2009

more ITALY!! acrylics

So... here are a couple of new acrylics on ITALY-- i worked hard this weekend on shaping up a few paintings.

I decided to sand the edges of the formerly black edges.. and keep the 2" cradle a beautiful sanded wood.

these paintings look sharp! they are tight... very resolved... and very professional.

i am getting psyched about this show~

Italy 16
10" h x 10" w

Italy 17
12" h x 36" 2
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Chris Beck said...

The colors in these paintings are just magical. Can't wait to see the whole series!!

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, my, oh, my, the colors and composition in the second painting (horizontal view) just take my breath away!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks guys.!! it's gonna be a great show! already getting inquires about sale prices.... i like the work so far.

Fábio Cembranelli said...

Ow....wonderful!!!!!Love the street scene.

Sadia said...

Very vivid and vibrant Carol! Great works!

Dean Grey said...


The first painting looks SUPER COOL!

Almost like a sandstorm effect with all the wild splatters of paint!

So original and neat looking!!


Carol Carter said...

fabio,, thank you so much. i am painting another street scene today.

sadia, thanks for your color-compliment. all the paintings will be color related... hopefully reminscent of Italy.

dean, yep.. i worked hard to make it look old and rustic... just like firenze.! thanks for writing.