Carol Carter

10 November 2009

Italy Exhibition taking shape-- ACRYLICS

I have begun to see how the Italy show will come together. It's been a month of hammering out these small modular paintings...and connecting -- interconnecting them- both with imagery, palette, and subject.

I've finally settled on having them appear in the room.... in a horizontal format. They will all hang evenly... but with spaces between and differing sizes.

I am now.. really stoked about the show.. and can't wait for extended time in the studio to finish~! Look for a later winter- early spring opening.

I'm thinking of naming the exhibition-- LITTLE ITALY. What do you think?

Installation view

4 small acrylics on Ampersand

Italy 17
12" h x 36" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Your Italian series is delightful, such wonderful colours and really enjoy the thought of such diverse shaped and sized works hanging together in your planned format. An Inspiration.

Carol Carter said...

thank you joan... you make my heart warm.... it has been fun to get this series started. now that it has some momentum.. it should be more focused. thank you for being a cheerleader! i needed it!

Unknown said...

These paintings are wonderful! I think hanging them together on the horizontal is very effective. Great work.

Unknown said...

Seeing the paintings hanging together has a lot of PUNCH, Carol. The colors carry me through from one painting to another and back with smoothness - no jarring feelings - and I feel like I am enjoying different aspects of one landscape. I think the name "little Italy" is brilliant! Keep your chin up - this series is inspired!

Arti said...

The Italian series is going on beautifully...but I liked your Reeds so much! You inspire me a lot:)