Carol Carter

04 November 2009

older self portrait

i ran across an old self portrait -- watercolor... that i did about 6 years ago.. or even more. it's large.. huge. .. and in need of some more work!

i think i'll work on it again.. to make the changes that i see fit.

there's much to be happy about.. but a little tweaking is in order.

when i finish it [again].. .i'll post.

meeting someone new tomorrow from Hawaii. they flew into town and searched for "watercolorists in st louis" on Google. after a few email exchanges... we are going to meet at my class at Maryville University tomorrow morning.

this is what's great about the Internet! it brings us all closer together...

Self Portrait
40" h x 35" w
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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

It will be interesting Carol to see what you achieve with 'tweaking' this 6 year old portrait. Still even then you had that glorious way of creating luminoscity.
Great Italian paintings too.