Carol Carter

03 September 2012

Barely Above a Whisper

Here is the final version of the new swimmer watercolor.  It will develop itself into a larger watercolor one day soon.

I often do smaller paintings to work out colors, patterns, composition, and intensity before attempting larger pieces.

Barely Above a Whisper
15" h x 11" w


RH Carpenter said...

Gorgeous, Carol! I often show my beginner students your paintings, explaining how to play complements and pure colors against each other to make the paintings sing :)

Carol Carter said...

Thanks Rhonda! how are YOU? how's teaching? watercolor?

I love using compliments... and you do too!

miss you!

José Tornay said...

Beautiful watercolor on water or water on watercolor :D Regards!

Ryan Fox said...

I love your work. Did you ever do solarization in old fashion photography darkrooms? I know I dated myself, but the colors in your paintings resemble solarized prints.

Ever teach any workshops in the NC area? Hope you do in the future.

Carol Carter said...

Jose... Thank you for your post. Do you paint watercolor?

Ryan, I have never done solarization in a darkroom. Many people have said that my work resembles that! Curious. BTW... I used to use a darkroom too. :))

I have never taught a workshop in NC. If you could recommend a place to hold one-- I would be happy to try to teach there! BEst.

José Tornay said...

Yes Carol, I follow your work daily on facebook. With 4000 friends can not see me ... ha ha ha. Greetings!