Carol Carter

07 January 2012

Washington DC with NAWA artists!

Yesterday was spent touring the WHITE HOUSE and the downtown area of Washington DC. Mark Maheffey, Kathleen Alexander, Keiko Tanabe, Rosie Maheffey, Tom Alexander had a great day!

The White House... of course... was exceptional. We even saw Geitner walk into a meeting with Secret Service following. Very impressive!

We learned that Dolly Madison saved the unique portrait of George Washington from fire in 1812.. when the British burned down the White House.

After the tour-- we had lunch at Old Ebbits Grill -- famous for their crabcakes.

Then... we walked Pennsylvania Avenue towards the National Gallery.

We toured the West Wing-- and saw Da Vinci, Rembrandt, and so many masters! It was divine!

I loved being with my friends and touring the collection.

Then we headed to the East Wing-- and saw some gorgeous tapestries and the contemporary collection.

After fueling again with tea and cookies-- we headed for a stroll to the Capitol to photograph it at twilight.

I found a perfect vantage point-- at sunset with the moon in the sky and the reflection in the tidal basin.

Such a great day yesteday!!

Today will be fun too!


kae pea said...

awesome picture of the White House!! WOW. Glad your trip is going great! Looks fantastic! xokp

Carol Carter said...

it is a fantastic trip! having a great time. how are the kitties?? xoc

K said...

hi. i love watercolor paint.your blog is cool.

but my english is poor. i am from mongolia.
glad to discovered your blog :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks for taking us along - wish I could see this show!!!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you K.... so nice to hear from you! Happy that you like my blog. I am fascinated that you are from Mongolia! I hope you come back to the blog from time to time. Best

Thank you Rhonda. I will post pics of the show here shortly. Good show!

Nancy Lee Galloway said...

I'm so glad you had a great day in DC, Carol! It's a wonderful town with so much going on...And, as the guide may have told you, no building can be built higher than the Capitol! It makes for much nicer views... :)

Carol Carter said...

yes Nancy... our guide told us that architectural fact. it was/is a fascinating town. you are lucky to live in such a vibrant area. see you in a few weeks!