Carol Carter

09 January 2012

Strathmore in Washington DC- NAWA Group

The North American Watercolor Group made it's debut first American exhibition at the prestigious STRATHMORE FOUNDATION in Washington DC this past weekend.

All six artists were present at the opening reception -- Kathleen Alexander, Carol Carter, Mark Mehaffey, Tom Schaller, Nick Simmons, and Keiko Tanabe.

It was an outstanding reception -- with over 30 watercolors displayed.

The title of the exhibition-- STEPPING OVER THE LINE was curated by Harriet Lesser. The goal was to challenge, break, and expand the boundaries of contemporary American watercolor.

We had a wonderful time getting to know each other. Most of us had never met outside of email and Facebook!

I was in awe of all of the work -- and consider myself to be exhibiting among some of the finest watercolorists in the US.

Our next exhibition will be in Bogata, COLUMBIA.

Thank you to every one for making this fine exhibition!

It will be open until FEBRUARY 4, 2012. Details below for directions to the gallery and hours.

Please consider yourself invited!

January 8 - February 4, 2012
Strathmore Foundation
Rockville, MD

Sweet Magnolia
28" h x 36" w

See Ya Later
55" h x 40" w

Still Waters
55" h x 40" w
Kathleen Alexander, Nick Simmons, Mark Mehaffey, me, Tom Schaller, Keiko Tanabe


Unknown said...

And what a great show it was!! I really enjoyed meeting you after all this time, Carol, and seeing some of your signature work on display. I missed the swimmers though!! But you have promised some for the workshop I'll be attending early March in Maryland!! I am very excited to see you at work and to see whether I can do those wonderful blooms with such transparency!
BTW, I have added a link to your blog from mine...I hope you are OK with that. :)

Carol Carter said...

Hi Nancy! It was SO wonderful to meet you too! I REALLY look forward to our workshop. I promise to do a swimmer -- for sure. Also the blooms.
Thank you for coming to the STRATHMORE show. I am happy that you enjoyed it.
It wasn't hard... with all the different and diverse painting.
Fine with a link on your blog-- Thank you!
I will see you in a few weeks. All best, Carol