Carol Carter

23 January 2012

DRIP-- Watercolors from the Glades

The Everglades show is gradually getting momentum.

I have worked some more on two paintings that depict the drips and drops and concentric circles that happen across the smooth surface of the water.

These drops are a product of the fish below coming to the surface to gulp mouthfuls of air.

The water is so slow moving...that it doesn't oxygenate itself enough to support the fish totally through gills.

It is a beautiful sight-- to see such a flat surface-- get pierced arbitrarily -- with these beautiful circles!

I was mesmerized.....

It would happen early in the morning...and captivate me for hours.

Here are two presentations of this phenomena.

Drip 1 and 2
50" h 35" w
email for purchase


Studio at the Farm said...

And I could look at your paintings for hours, Carol. Brilliant!

Jane said...

Beautiful and very creative.Wonderful !

Carol Carter said...

Thank you BOTH!!!! lovely to read these posts!