Carol Carter

19 January 2012

Gator-- Watercolor from the Everglades Series

New watercolor of a gator for my Everglades Series.

This watercolor has a few new techniques I've been trying out... in preparation for larger paintings.

I am plowing ahead and trying to tackle this project and have a showing of the series.

There are parts of this painting I really like.

22" h x 30" w


Studio at the Farm said...

Your gator is suitably awesome-looking, and ... WOW ... you really handles blooms well!

laura said...

Great painting--I love the big white shapes, and the variety of colors, and use of positive/negative on the gator. Cool composition too!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you both!!!! The GATOR is part of the EVERGLADES ongoing series. I hope to flesh out the show real soon. Waiting for warmer weather -- so that my watercolor cooperates better! Thank you for your words.

RH Carpenter said...

Looking good, Carol - you are the queen of water blossoms and knowing how to master them to do your bidding! You'll have to do a day on just water blossoms in the upcoming workshop in Feb!!

Carol Carter said...

i will definitely show you how to do waterblossoms in FEB Rhonda! Thank you for your comment!

jaskoleczka said...


Carol Carter said...

thank you jasko!