Carol Carter

26 January 2012

More Gators and Swamps....

So.. here are two more photos of the POND PERFECT installation in my studio.

You can tell the scalr of the painting.

They are big...and together... make an 8 foot wide watercolor~

I also started another large watercolor of two gators in courtship.

It's highly abstacted-- and difficult to see the gators.

The bull gator is coming in from the right-- and approaching the smaller and elongated female.

I actually observed them in the swamp... having courtship. It was fast.. beautiful and very rare!

Did you know that they blow bubbles on themselves.. as part of the romaning??

Pond Perfect
50" h x 34" w each

Gator Courtship
50" h x 34" w
in progress


maddyrose said...

I really love looking at your work. It's really quite beautiful.

RH Carpenter said...

I like the abstractness of the gator painting - and the size of the pond perfect diptych!! WOW! I like seeing the bull gators rising out of the water and then vibrating deep in their chests, making the water ripple - it's an amazing and scary sound!

SKIZO said...


Studio at the Farm said...

I never would have thought of gator-mating as a subject for a painting. But you have created a fantastic painting with it!

Carol Carter said...

Thank you maddy rose.... thank you for your post!

Thanks Rhonda... you now all about mating gators i can see! it was truly special to witness this.

Thank you skizo.

thank you too Studio.... I can't believe i painted courtship between gators either. who knew??

thank you ALL!!!!