Carol Carter

01 May 2011

Watercolors from the Everglades

The Everglades is foremost in my work these past few weeks. I have been focusing only on watercolor -- of water, gators, and sunsets.

I have also been painting some on the Virgin Islands.

These two large scale watercolors are similar in scope and theme.

One is finished..and one is just beginning.

The top painting is just started-- and there is so much more detail and nuance to paint.

The bottom painting-- SLOUGH that I worked on last December.

It is heading to WATERCOLOR USA in Springfield, MO for the 2011 exhibition.

I had it framed and shipped yesterday.

It's all been switch gears and work in watercolor.

Please come back and see the top painting when it's completed.

Drip 1
46" h x 34" w
in progress

46" h x 34" w


Studio at the Farm said...

Carol, your newly-started painting is SUCH an eye-catcher already! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

Carol Carter said...

i am liking it too! I posted another version yesterday... I will continue to show the progress in future posts. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Shelley Whiting said...

The Everglades painting is amazing. I love all the motion. It's a very powerful and engaging piece.I also love how the color fades at the bottom. It's simply wonderful.

Carol Carter said...

Thank Shelley.... The Everglades painting is getting done. I will post newer version of it real soon! Which one do you like?