Carol Carter

17 February 2010

Tutorial- Quarto Publishing

I have been invited to do two painting-tutorials of watercolors of flowers.

The first tutorial has been finished and sent to London for the book.

Here is the second tutorial of a 'crown imperial'. I will finish it today ... and complete the text that goes with it.

Both books will be published by Quarto Publishing, London, England.

They will be listed on Amazon.

There is another book -- DIFFERENT STROKES, which includes my work -- already available.

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RH Carpenter said...

This is gorgeous, Carol and I will look for those books!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Excellent, this flower always appeals to me as its so anti-flower :) Its more like a piece of architecture.

Wonderful to be asked to produce tutorials for this book. I'll have to check out the previous book.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Now I know why I waited and did not purchase your earlier books, so that I can go to Amazon and buy these works published in London. Well done for the commissions, your work truly deserves such a boost.

Adam Cope said...

bravo Carol!

laura said...

I don't think I've ever seen this flower: it's magnificent, s is your painting. I love the way the paint runs to the edges of the petals and makes them darker--it's a great effect.
I'll look for your books too!

Carol Carter said...

thanks rhonda!! i will let you know when the books come out.

thank you jeanette... it is a spikey flower! i enjoyed the challenge of painting it... never seen one in real life though.

joan, i will let you know when/where the books come out. it's by a publisher in YOUR part of the universe!

good to see you heer adam... thank you for the kind words.

Carol Carter said...

hi laura...!
i paint crisp edges w/ deep value paint.... on dry paper -- to give that sharp look.
i think the flower is 'crown imperial'.
i am sorry i didn't write here last night... too late.. didn't SEE you post! [how can that be???]