Carol Carter

14 February 2010

more painting

i continue to paint on the Italy Series.... with as much abandon as i can. i am tabling out 3 paintings -- to finish before proceeding to the next. the BLU BAR is developed to a state that i'm happy with... the bicycle -- ? not so much

i am too attached to the bicycle the way it was.. and now i have to "lose it" to make it move forward.

i might not be able to do it .... without working on the third that i can 'fall in love' with that.. and then move back to the bike with more perspective.

the bike is a good start..and good composition. now.. i have to raise it to another level....

italy 54 55
10" h x 30" w
12" h x 24" w
mostly finished
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Ross Lynem said...

My first thought when i saw the bicycle was, "Ooh!".
The colors are fantastic and l love the composition. I'm a bike nut too, so must try a bike painting now. Great job! Can't wait to see what you do with it to finish it off.

Ross Lynem said...

Oh, and i loved the Blu Bar painting as well. Fabulous!

Carol Carter said...

hey ross... thanks for liking my bike painting and for commenting. i am now bolstered to finish it. not sure which way it will go.. but am more determined to get it done! happy day!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How could you possibly consider doing anything more to the bike painting. Love it as it stands.

Carol Carter said...

oh thank you joan.... maybe i will reconsider! the bike seems to be a bit washed out to me.... i thought i might develop a stronger value in the piece. but i will take your opinion into heavy consideration! how is your work coming?