Carol Carter

15 February 2010

never ending

the italy show is never ending! i just wish it were going faster! seems like.. on days like today... not enough hours in the day to get things done.

well.. i started getting momentum on the bike painting... but got sidetracked on the landscape.
interspersing my time between the two... and feeling -- at the end of the day.. that i didn't get enough done.

well... here they are... will soldier on more on wednesday. have to teach tomorrow!

italy 56 57
10 x 30
20 x 20
unfinished both

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Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for taking on board my thoughts but been comparing the two images posted of the bicycle and still prefer the original without so much strong areas of orange. Just wish I could achieve either!!

Painting been put on hold for over a week as I have worked on another project.

Carol Carter said...

i agree... but.. i'm knee deep into new painting now! must follow where it will take me. some paintings are like this.. you have to thrash them out!

good luck on new project!