Carol Carter

11 February 2010

on we go

i am still working on the Italy series.. in between finishing up a demo floral painting for a book by London publisher --QUARTO. The book should be out in the fall.

so, the work continues on the bicycle painting... and the BLU BAR. I have to add the tension and electrical wires on BLU BAR to bring it some focus.

The bike painting will have a lot more development ....

stay tuned~

italy 51
10" h x 30"w

italy 50
12" h x 24" w
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fheathermoore said...

Hi Carol! I absolutely love the bike in this one! They are both fabulous images, but the bike is very pleasing indeed. You're doing a fantastic job on these!

Carol Carter said...

thanks heather... wonderful to read your cheery comment! i am glad you are enjoying ther series... i look forward to sharing it with you soon....