Carol Carter

30 January 2010

Italy again- acrylic

The show continues.

I am now mostly settled in my new bungalow ... and able to resume work on LITTLE ITALY.

This piece was largely unsuccessful... until I challenged myself to finish.

I proceeded to do a lot of things to solve the areas that weren't working by painting them out. I painted the whole light side of the angel with light value blue-- then added Quin Gold wash on top.

I added texture over the whole painting to unify and bring out deep wall values. All in all.. I learned a lot and ended up liking it much more than I would of ... if the painting had gone the way I originally scripted.

This is when -- I believe -- the painting has something to 'teach you" ... if one is humble enough to accept the lesson.

Italy 42
12" h x 12" w

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Sadia said...

Gorgeous! The vivid contrast in colors and the movement is great!Beautiful painting!

Carol Carter said...

thank you sadia.... i love this painting too.. especially because i struggled on it so!

MB Shaw said...

Love this!! Funny, I am the same way with mine, in that I love the ones I practically bleed over, lol.
Congrats on your show at Schmidt and your Everglades residency. Sooooo exciting!!

Carol Carter said...

thank you MB.. lookking forward to meeting you.. and possibly working with you and kristen in the future!
best. carol