Carol Carter

12 March 2009

Women's Health Partners

Here are a few watercolors of the work that's hanging in the WOMEN'S HEALTH PARTNERS. A doctor's clinic for women in St. Louis. They leased these paintings.. and over time the collection became their own.

I have heard from many people over the years about seeing the work. It was/is a very visible location.

This is only a small sampling of what is in the office. There are over 11 pieces.

Untitled Swimmer
45" h x 35 " w

35" h x 28" w each

Small Studies
11" h x 14" w

35" h x 35" w

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Angela said...

These are beautiful - I especially love 'Mangrove'.

RH Carpenter said...

Love the complexity and visual interest of the trees and mangrove :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

I can see why they wanted to keep them. Intriguing and such luminous colors!!!

Carol Carter said...

thanks everyone! love reading all the comments. it was a sweet opportunity for me... to be in that office -- and able to show my work to such a varied cientele.


David Burge said...

That's a fine collection of your work Carol.
It's a testament to the enduring quality of your art.
11 years on and still looking contemporary!

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,
You know, when I feel like giving up on watercolor, I visit your blog and websites. You are such an inspiration - proving that there is a market and appreciation out there for the watercolor media if you are a very good artist with a relevancy that extends over time. You, however, are not a "very good artist" - you are a great and gifted artist who encourages those of us striving to become better. Thank you.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for sharing all these with us Carol. I've already said many a time how I admire your figure work, but I can't describe how these organic shapes inspire me.

Carol Carter said...

hey david

thank you so much for your comments. i am so glad you wrote... it's important for me to hear your words of encouragement!

best. carol


hi joanne,

your words really touched me..and brought tears to my eyes. it was a very good comment to read today ... because there are some days.. when it's a bit more challenging to be an artist. your words came at the RIGHT time to lift me! thank YOU for being an inspiration!

best. carol


hi joan

it's always wonderful to hear your cheery voice... and i DO so appreciate knowing how much you like my figures. figurative work is actually my favorite subject as well. you are the best!

warmly carol

every one writing in... has really boosted my spirits today!!

thank you from the bottom of my heart.