Carol Carter

24 March 2009

Sketches for Commission

I've been working on a commission-idea these last few days-- and this is what I've come up with. The project involves a gospel choir.. and all the energy that goes along with singing.

I submitted the images and am awaiting the response.

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Adam Cope said...

nice to see some of your drawing, Carol.

particularly like the fine tonality & subtle graduations - like a watercolour in fact- pas de surprise, n'est pas?

Unknown said...

The sketches are beautiful paintings in and of themselves. What do you do with the studies once the client makes their final choice? Do you keep them or sell them??? :-)

Carol Carter said...

hey guys... thank you for the comments!
these were fun sketches to do.. and so different from me.

adam.. the drawing felt particularly fine... as i don't do much anymore.... i like it though. used to draw all the time.

joanne. of course i will sell them!

are you interested? if so... email me which one.. and we will talk. [very inexpensive...;-))]

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Great sketches Carol. Am sure your client will be delighted and even buy these as well as the final work.

Nick said...

I've played some of those churches, always a powerhouse experience. Feel the love!